If You Have [Kids], Don’t Get This Cats [Breeds]

When we look at the photos of cute cats and kittens we immediately begin to feel like holding them in the palms of our hands we wish to cuddle up to those little lovely furry things for warmth and happiness but not all cats are lovely and cute some of those guys are real beasts some breeds can be very aggressive and violent the thing about cats is that they follow certain character traits just like humans do so if you happen to have kids you better think twice before you get an angry domestic cat so read this article carefully till the end to make sure you know crucial things about cats and a lot of people actually like brutal breeds so which ones are the toughest you’re about to find out.

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NUMBER ONE: MANUL CAT (Pallas’s cat)

MANUL CAT (Pallas’s cat): looks a little bit like a bobcat (a small North American cat species with a barred and spotted coat and a short tail) although there are usually weighed about five kilos, like most cats they’re furry and have large teeth and the moments of danger it can easily attack a human, you can’t really classify them as domestic, cats they are wild animals keeping one of these cats in captivity may be dangerous for the owner when little kittens they are stubborn and difficult to deal with they’ll never be cute and obedient and even if you feed it every day they won’t suddenly become lovely little kittens standoffish is the adjective that describes the way these cats act at home they always try to avoid humans often when people realize that they can keep them on a leash they give them away to the zoo because people just don’t seem to be able to deal with them they don’t want these feral cats in their houses because they spoil furniture they piss on things and cuts into pieces all your treasured possessions no matter how hard you train them they do what they want in the end yet another problem is grooming as you groom your Manul it feels like it might go on forever there’s no simple way of getting rid of their infinite fur and apart from that the news can spread rare types of diseases these diseases are very hard to cure because they’re very rare.

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