Body Language

Body postures or movement of either the whole body or individual body parts— as well as the small facial

expressions that accompany a meow—are always dependent on the particular situation. When producing attention-getting meows (“I am hungry,” “I want to go out,” “I want you to stop working and play with me,” “I do not like it here, I want in/out/away”) cats often seek eye contact with their humans and often express their desires with their body language. They put themselves near the situation or the object that they want. They will stand in front of the door, for example, when they want to be let out, or in front of their empty bowl when they want to be fed.

Occasionally, they will even tilt their heads to one side and look at their humans with big eyes, as though they were begging. Therefore it is generally easy for humans to understand what a cat wants. Many of them stroke or rub their heads or their entire bodies against the legs of their humans when they meow in order to make the behavior that many humans designate as begging clearer yet.

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