[16] Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Cats have been able to take over the world with their beauty and while you could find cats at almost any animal shelter certain breeds can cost a small fortune to own.

In this wonderful article, we will learn about the16  most expensive cat breeds in the world.

Check if your cat is in the list.

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Number 16

Ragdoll: Price 800$-1200 $

After numerous long-haired breeds of cats were mixed in 1960 the Ragdoll was created, it is a massive cat weighing in at over 20 pounds and requires two hands when trying to move them around the Ragdoll is known to be one of the most relaxed cats in the world their laid-back nature makes them excellent companions on long trips and they even get along with children very well, since the Ragdoll is so popular some breeders have waiting lists for non show-quality kittens expect to pay around 800-1200 $ for a purebred Ragdoll kittens.

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